The Futuer of God

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I guess it is a lot easier to be an atheist than to believe there is a God. Believing in a God carries a lot more responsibilities, mainly rituals to adhere to. Once you do believe there is a God then the real challenge to find out who is the right God. Once again, it is a lot easier to stick with the God that you have been brought up to believe in by your parents than finding out about other Gods. If you think there is a God and you want to find out which one, make a list of that attributes that you want that God to have and compare that list to all the Gods available and search deeper. There is no need to find an exact match, but rather a close one. My advice is to ignore the behavior of the followers of such God, and study the main scripture/message of that God. There has to be. Try to be more open-minded than cynical in your study, because if you are cynical, you will find more reasons to be cynical. After this journey, I guarantee that you will either be a firm believer that there is a God or a firm atheist.
Check this debate here between an atheist and a “believer”


When Women Become the Property of Men!

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Women become the property of men when they marry them and have to change their name to Mrs. husband-name. Imagine if the Muslim world had the same rule/custom, we will hear of all kind of attacks against Islam, Muslim men.. you know the drill.

Tiger Wood and The Developed World

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I find it ironic when the developed world advices the developing world how to govern, be transparent and respect human rights. It is like Tiger Wood advising husbands how to stay faithful.

The New Holocaust

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The killing of innocent woman and children is truly reprehensible. But it seems that the West and specially the US seems to favor one killer and condemn another. When Palestinian woman and children are killed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), no Western politician include President Obama has the audacity to to condemn. In fact, they continue to support this. You see, you only become a better human being when you do not favor one killer over another. When you condemn one killer, and support another, you have no moral authority to preach.

See the link below.

When President Obama has no balls…

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When it comes to the State of Israel, no American president has the guts to criticize it, irrespective of whatever crimes committed by Israel against Palestinian children and women. Watch the video below, and hear for yourself how pathetic President Obama’s answer. Please Mr. President, we do not need lessons in history. You had two choices, you either say that I cannot criticize Israel human rights abuses because Israel does not commit such abuses, or you can say,  because if I do so, it is the end of my career as a politician in the US of A.

President Obama… shame on you for not saying the truth.

Minarets are banned in Switzerland!

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Switzerland has decided. And its decision is to discriminate against Muslims living in their country. The basis to the ban is the fear that Muslim may ask the Swiss government to do away with its laws and instead practice the Sharia laws. Laws that are not even practiced in Saudi Arabia.

I am hoping that Muslim world would react in a civil manner. There is no need to burn flags, march in the streets, or throw stone at the Swiss embassy. The Muslim world needs to let their money do the talk.  While I do not expect the rich, the Presidents, Prime Minsters or Kings of the Muslim world to withdraw their ill-gotten wealth from Swiss banks, I do expect the Muslim world to stop buying Made In Switzerland goods, be it chocolate, watches, cheese, or even the computer mouse.


The Jesus in Islam!

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My Christian friend believes that the Jesus in Islam is not the same as the Jesus of Christianity. No amount of evidence will convince him. Because as long as Muslims do not believe that the Jesus in Islam is neither God nor the Son of God, he is not the same. Watch this video and let me know what you think.